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Breaker Panel Services in Orange County

Offering affordable breaker panel services in Orange County, CA.

Breaker panels are like the backbone of your home’s structure. Anything from your lighting and entertainment unit in your living room to the heating system and A.C that keeps your home convenient and functional can be powered by the master switch which is found on the breaker panel.  This is potentially the most important unit inside your house.

Here at Leone Electric, we are fully aware that your time and money are precious. This is why we make everything possible to offer a top-notch service and getting the work done with minimal distractions and at affordable costs. All our team members specialize in offering professional breaker panel services, with the client being our focus.

If you are looking for affordable and effective breaker panel installations, maintenance or repairs in Orange County call us today or fill out our online form.


The Importance of Your Breaker Panel

The Breaker panel, also known as  a “panelboard” or “distribution board”, splits incoming energy through a set of sub-circuits. These circuits are responsible for supplying various parts of your house with power such as turning off the power to install a new kitchen appliance without affecting the T.V your kid’s watch.

They also come with a central switch that can turn off power in the entire home if you have to do such thing e.g if you are going on holiday.


Professional Breaker Panel Services

As your breaker panel is vital in maintaining different types of electrical tasks on a daily basis, you have to make sure that your panel is functioning at its best. If you notice anything off, you may contact a professional break panel service team like us. Act fast as your home’s and family’s safety can’t wait any longer and accidents may happen before you realize it!


Here are some usual problems with breaker panels that may need fixing:

  • Circuit breaker feels hot to the touch. If you can almost cook an egg over your circuit breaker, this is a sign that your circuit is overloaded with power and needs a fix quickly. If you don’t act fast, this may trigger a fire and put everyone around at serious risk. Contact our locally operated and state-registered team of technicians for a free quote on repair estimates.
  • Weird sounds coming from your breaker panel. If you keep hearing an unusual buzz or hiss sound this could be a sign that there is a discharge of electricity between the connected wires known as “arc fault”. Arc faults are the trigger of many home fires throughout the Orange County area and if you hear any such noises, you better act fast before it’s too late and call us!
  • An unpleasant smell of burned material is a huge sign that your breaker panel needs fixing immediately. Like so many homeowners that trusted us in fixing this over the last three decades, you could also benefit from fast repairs and make your home safe again.
  • Visible signs of damage. If you notice any signs of damage such as melted scorch marks, wires or anything similar, this is also a big sign that your breaker panel needs a repair fast. Don’t wait any longer and contact Leone Electric!
  • There are pauses in power and your breaker panel shuts off unexpectedly. This is a sign that your breaker panel has a problem and needs a professional inspection. We at Leone Electric, as professional and qualified technicians and repairing experts will inspect your breaker panels fast and make sure they are working safely and sound in the future.


Why Choose Leone Electric For Breaker Panel Repairs?

We have been helping homeowners and business owners like you for 30 years and counting! Ever since our launch, we have managed to develop a solid and successful business based on Orange County and servicing more than 10 nearby areas. We are always on the hunt for new methods and tools to upgrade the quality and speed of our services and combine these with time-proven techniques and experience to give you the best service possible.

Our goal is to win every new client that comes to us and turn him into a repeat and dedicated customer that does business only with us. Thousands of clients have already done so and we can’t wait to include you in our list. Quality and affordable electrical services in Orange County are only a call away!


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Leone Electric is the business you can trust for all kinds of electrical repairs–from breaker panel fixing and replacement to outlet installation and everything in-between. Nothing is too major or minor for us as we have seen and done it all. We also know that most of you seek quality services without having to pay a small fortune. Stress no more as we can always ensure a quality service at quite affordable value for money prices that are cost and time-effective.

If the above sound good to you, don’t put it off and contact Leone Electric Inc. now through phone or our online form!