Orange County Electrical Panel Upgrades

Orange County Electrical Panel Upgrades

Orange County Electrical Panel Upgrades

Top Quality Orange County Electrical Panel Upgrades! Here is a brief report on our orange county electrical panel upgrade services for new clients…

An electrical panel is actually the central unit of your electrical system. This is the key unit where your property sources electricity from the utility supplying company. The electricity is then allocated to your entire home property to make sure that every light and outlet has the electricity it requires to be activated. As your home property gets older though, your electrical panel may deteriorate and not function properly.  Even if you have upgraded your home technology-wise through the years, if you ignore your electrical panel’s upgrade, you won’t be able to make the most of your upgrade efforts.

An electrical panel, just like every component of your home, needs to be well-maintained to serve you. Neglecting upgrading your panel won’t only decrease the functionality of your home’s electricals but also put your home property at risk, as there will be increased chances of catching fire and the insurance regulator will charge you for negligence as this is the first thing they check in case of a fire.

If you require for the above reasons an electrical panel upgrade, call Leone Electric! We will perform just what you expect us to do–a timely, useful and safe electrical upgrade of your old electrical panel.

Today’s modern buildings, technology, and energy requirements may not be a good fit with your old electrical panel. For this reason, an energy upgrade is necessary to keep up with all this increased demand. The whole electrical panel upgrade process does not only involve an electrical panel upgrade but a meter socket upgrade as well as a wire size adjustment.


The units below should be checked by an expert electrician like us for safety code and industry compliance:

  • Electrical panels that are 5+ years old
  • Hot/heat spots
  • Unapproved breaker panels
  • Lost breakers
  • Oversized breakers compared to the wiring dimensions


If you don’t want to encounter a sudden power outage or worse, a fire or electrical shock accident and put you and your family’s safety at risk (not to mention the burdensome costs to repair everything), you should not wait any longer and hire an expert electrician to upgrade your electrical panel immediately! An expert electrical panel upgrade technician will be able to tell whether your old electric panel needs an upgrade or not. He can do so either by checking the fuse (in case of older electrical panels) or checking the connected circuit breaker to pinpoint a potential problem.

If you live in an old home that is over 20 years old, if you have heard of weird buzzing or hissing sounds coming from your electrical panel or if you have noticed multiple hot spots, then it’s time for a professional electrical panel upgrade service.

Once you hire us for your electrical panel upgrade, we’ll be able to add extra circuit breakers if necessary, upgrade the amperage of your electrical system, and pinpoint the problems with your existing panel fast and efficiently. You owe to your home a properly maintained and upgraded electrical panel and we can certainly help you with that so you don’t have to worry for compatibility issues or potential hazards any more!

For all your electrical panel upgrade needs in Orange County and nearby areas, call Leone Electric NOW!