Kitchen Electrical Wiring Services in Orange County

Electrical Engineering Services in Orange County

Kitchen Electrical Wiring Services in Orange County

Kitchen Electrical Wiring Services in Orange County

Is your kitchen space old? If this is the case, perhaps your kitchen’s electrical wiring could benefit from an upgrade. Note that older home properties were developed without new kitchen designs and structure. This means that the majority of new kitchen appliances will have more capacities than decades before and they will require higher electrical power from the electrical wiring of your kitchen.

If you are seeking kitchen electrical services in Orange county and most nearby areas in CA, there is only one business name you should remember–Leone Electric. Contact us for anything related–from dedicated circuit breakers to kitchen appliances and even outdoor lighting of your spaces.



Orange County Kitchen Wiring Electricians

Most homeowners rely on all sorts of upgraded kitchen appliances–from 2X ovens and heating drawers to wine chillers and refrigerators as they are all necessary for functionality and convenience. The problem is if you live in an outdated home property in Orange County, your existing kitchen wiring structure won’t be able to handle the extra load of power.

Here are some reasons that you need a kitchen wiring upgrade:

Abide by local codes. If you wish to comply with local or state construction codes, you have to keep circuits separate for specific kitchen electrical appliances that need a higher load e.g freezers and dishwashers. If your whole kitchen lies on the same common circuit, there is a risk of a power overload. In some cases, outlets may lie on shared circuits with other homerooms e.g the living room.

  • Kitchen upgrades, renovations and remodels. If you intend to upgrade your kitchen appliances or wish to introduce a higher number of appliances to your current structure, you should upgrade your existing kitchen wiring to accommodate the additional electrical load. Similarly, kitchen remodelling and renovations often need rewiring. Failing to do so will most probably lead to circuit overload and damage of your new kitchen appliances.
  • Old and outdated wiring. Kitchens that are at least two decades old may employ aluminum wires or may be sufficiently connected. In the first case of aluminum wiring, the only solution is replacing it professionally with another material. Insufficient or faulty wire connections should be fixed as well. These issues may raise the risk of malfunctions and in lead to fires in extreme cases.


Why Contact Leone Electric?

We at Leone Electric have managed to earn an excellent reputation throughout Orange County and we are renowned for our quality work, which includes premium kitchen wiring services. All of our team members are qualified and experienced electricians and use the latest tools and techniques to get the job done properly.

We are also famous for our top-notch customer service. It’s a piece of cake to arrange and call us for a kitchen wiring check without wasting any time or breaking the bank. Once you call us, we’ll appoint someone or members of our team to come in your property at a time that fits your schedule so we can extensively check your existing kitchen wiring. We’ll gauge your electrical load needs and the existing level of your kitchen’s electrical safety before coming up with handy solutions.

If you own an old home property, there is a great possibility that your kitchen’s wiring is incapable of handling the load of your new kitchen appliances.


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