Orange County Parking Lot Light Repair Services

Orange County Parking Lot Light Repair Services

Orange County Parking Lot Lighting

Orange County Parking Lot Light Repair Services

Does your business has parking lot lighting or other exterior lighting and signs that need to be illuminated at certain nighttime hours? If yes, you have to make sure that your lights are shining bright all night.  Even a few individual flickering lights or sudden burn-outs can become a safety hazard and damage the image of your business.


The thing is, many commercial parking lot owners may attempt to fix things on their own, using their limited skills to replace or even repair lamps. But is this safe? Not so, if you don’t know exactly what you are doing, things can become pretty dangerous. You may assume that you are saving money by going DIY, but you may be actually doing more harm than good. Trust us, you really need qualified professionals to do this sort of work for you.


Our team of expert parking lot electricians can install and maintain parking lot lights, illuminated signs, communication wiring, and other types of electrical work needed for your parking lot.


Our Orange County Parking Lot Light Services are suitable for:


  • Property managers and surveillants
  • Office buildings
  • Car dealership offices
  • Retail & Restaurants
  • Industrial units/factories
  • Homeowner associations
  • Facility Managers



At Leone Electric, we specialize in offering LED parking lot lighting solutions as well as external maintenance services including:


  • Inspection and replacement of faulty lamps
  • Ballast inspections, repairs and replacements
  • Time clock fixes, adjustments, programming and repairs
  • Light pole repairs (in heights up to 40’)
  • Fixture and lens repair services
  • 24/7 light emergency services
  • Inspection and cleaning of lighting fixtures to enable even light distribution and more safety.
  • Group relamping of your entire parking lot


Our team of expert technicians can help you pick the right LED system for your parking lot. We are aware that each parking lot has its own characteristics and therefore we are able to come up and apply customised solutions that are really catered to your parking lot needs.



If you are already aware that your exterior lighting needs repair or proper maintenance, you can call Leone Electric for a very competitive quote that fits your budget and project demands. If you are still unsure if your lights work as intended during nighttime hours, you can call us for an inspection as well.


Parking lot upgrades are really energy-efficient and cost-efficient and not only that, they can help reduce environmental impact too. Our goal at Leone Electric is to help you save energy and money that goes beyond your initial investment. We can achieve this by charging only fixed prices for ballad and lamp replacements in your parking lot. From poles to wall-mounted fixtures, we can upgrade and repair virtually any lighting fixture at a parking lot level. We can also offer our assistance for other parking lot lighting problems at very affordable prices and always customized to your needs.


We have been doing this work in bulk for many years and we already count thousands of satisfied clients. Our online reviews speak for themselves. If you own a parking lot in Orange County or nearby areas and would like to benefit from a parking lot upgrade or repair, we are the ones to call. Whether you have noticed some problems with your lighting already, or want to make sure that all your lights work all night as expected, you can call Leone Electric for assistance! We’ll be more than glad to help…