Orange County Additions, Remodels and Renovations

Orange County Additions, Remodels and Renovations

Orange County Additions, Remodels and Renovations

Orange County Additions/Remodels/Renovations


Do you seek qualified Orange County Additions/remodels/renovations experts? If YES, you have landed in the right place.


One of the most significant home improvement and expansions procedures is the wiring of new light and fixture installations. Before  the start of an addition/ remodeling process, it is highly important that you as a homeowner understand what the process is all about, what are the system requirements and of course, your budget.


An efficient addition and remodel process begins with thoughtful and detailed planning in advance. It takes into account many different elements such as aesthetics, functionality, safety and compliance to industry standards. If you have plans to remodel or expand your home and you intent to sell it at one point,a full or partial renovation will definitely increase its sale value.


At Leone Electric, we have the experience and skills to apply each and every step necessary to make your remodel/renovation/addition a total success energy-wise. We are proud to have worked with both small and big homes as well as corporate buildings and you can rely on us to tackle all your wiring and lighting addition needs.


Our team of remodel/renovation experts can work on such projects altogether or as a part of a major renovation/remodelling project. We can specifically help you with: room or space additions, space expansions, new offices, kitchen renovations, bathroom renovations, new constructions and much more. For best results, don’t hesitate to call us before you finalize your plans so we can guide and advise on what can be done in regardings to wiring and lighting procedures.



As we know, you may have some major questions before reaching out to us, here are our answers to common questions regarding our renovation/remodels and our addition services:


Does my electric system need an upgrade?


The requirements of a new home addition are of very high importance as even a single appliance addition requires extra amounts of power from your system. Even if you add a hot tub or a new T.V, this will place extra load on your electric system.


In such cases, wiring an appliance addition is more complex and hard than simply introducing a circuit. As fully licensed and experienced technicians in Orange County Additions/Remodels/Renovations, we’ll gauge the condition of your existic electric system and examine wether you require new circuits or a new panel added to accomondate the extra power burden.



What electrical services should I consider when renovating or expanding my space?

Remodeling or renovating your space is a great chance to save big in terms of energy and utility costs. A portion of homeowners take renovation/remodeling as n opportunity to upgrade their old system and prepare their space for future energy demands. Once the procedure stars, an overhaul of the wiring in one shot will become muche easier, saving you lot’s of cash and time in the near and far future. The result? A flawlessly functioning system that works at its peak while minimizing energy waste, to keep energy costs low. And if this is what you are looking for, don’t hesitate to call Leone Electric to make this a reality!



Don’t stay in the dark anymore! If have no clue or if you are unsure how to proceed with your space remodelling project, call Leone Electric NOW! Our electrical wiring experts can either perform new wiring connections or rewire your old system to make your space more safe and energy-efficient.