Orange County Landscape Lighting

Orange County Landscape Lighting

Orange County Landscape Lighting

Orange County Landscape Lighting

If you’ve put plenty of extra effort to make your landscape look good, you should think ahead and do something more to make it even more appealing. And one thing you can do is to actually make it look in the best light possible and add some light so you can enjoy it at night time as well. Because, as we know it, yards are not only used at day time.

Landscape lighting won’t only make your landscape more interesting but it will add to the safety and functionality of your outer property too. Imagine not having sufficient lights and your guests (or even your family members) are trying to locate the front or back entrances just by the distant interior lights–or host an early evening barbeque or a party and not being able to serve or accommodate your guests properly due to the lack of proper lighting. Quick fixes like candles and battery lights won’t be able to offer much in such cases. You definitely need to invest in a professional landscape lighting installation!

By adding landscape lighting, you can revive the outer ambiance of your home property, visually guide your guests towards the entrance and structure of your home (in case of a party or gathering), and even keep unwanted intruders and burglars away. Experts support that landscape lighting is one of the strongest repellants of unwanted property intruders, burglars and other criminals who may step in your property unsolicited. Just a few thoughtfully placed lights and motion detectors who activate the lights upon sensing a movement, are capable of keeping all these unwanted intruders away–or at least reduce the likelihood of them stepping in your property.

Properly placed landscape lighting can also enhance the figures and silhouettes of your exterior objects and especially decorative ones such as statues, real or faux decorative plants, pillars, baskets, stones, and much more. If you want to make the most of your exterior decor, we can work with you as well as light design specialists for a truly impressive and memorable landscape.

The beauty of landscape lighting is that it can be used in nearly every yard spot you wish to illuminate–from grass and plants to outer furniture. We at Leone Electric can help you, among others, to illuminate any of the exterior areas below:

  • Plants-grass
  • Pools
  • Trees
  • Patios
  • Yard Furniture
  • Decks
  • Driveways
  • Outer bathrooms
  • Outdoor security systems
  • Concrete, stone, granite or wooden paths
  • Solar Panels
  • LED lights
  • Fences
  • Steps
  • Walkways


And virtually any other prominent exterior area. Whether you need a heavy landscape lighting that covers multiple areas of a few light spots strategically placed, we can help!

We, at Leone Electric have been offering to our clients orange county landscape lighting services for more than 30 years and we count many brightly lid landscapes already. If you want to light up and show off your landscape or simply add to the security of your home in Orange County, we are the ones to call and hire! We also cover commercial exteriors and landscape lighting installations so if you are a business property owner, you can call us too.

Don’t hesitate to call us for more info or a free estimate based on your landscape needs and specifications!