Whole-House Surge Protector Services in Orange County, CA

Whole-House Surge Protector Services in Orange County

Whole-House Surge Protector Services in Orange County, CA

Whole-House Surge Protector Services in Orange County, CA

 Affordable Surge Protection Electrical Services


As high as 80% of power surges are coming from your home’s interior, based on NEMA stats. What this means is that it won’t take a single lightning strike to get your appliances lid. Every appliance–from your TV’s inputs to the circuit wiring of your brand new oven– requires protection from surge failures. Leone Electric is capable of installing an entire house surge protector so you can worry no more and no longer resort in using power strips.

You don’t want to be another unlucky person that loses a 3 or 4-figure priced appliance due to a failure in electrical surge! Leone Electric will introduce a whole surge protector into your power network to ensure both internal and external power surge protection in Orange County and nearby areas.

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Benefits of Whole-Home Surge Protection in Orange County, CA


Many folks are not aware of the fact that power strips provide only a low level of power protection. They are only useful for the protection of a few appliances connected to them and only until the moment the metal shunt is no longer working. We have enough power surges from random lighting strikes and issues with utility lines in Orange County. Power strips can only offer protection for up to a year.


At the same time, your property creates power surges from the interior of your home several times daily. Motorized appliances that require high amounts of energy such as A.C or electrical heaters and irons, produce small surges whenever they are turned on into the system.

Thanks to whole-house surge protectors, any unnecessary and excess current from the exterior e.g lighting strikes is deflected. They additionally protect appliances throughout your house, when a single device transfers a surge to the electrical line.

Think about it otherwise: if just one of your electronics or devices suddenly stop working due to a power surge, it will be extra hard to figure out the cause directly. You may lose cash and time on quick repairs before you realize that you had to replace the appliance afterall.

Expert Installation Services of Whole-House Surge Protectors

Your new whole-house surge protector will be a small box attached next to the breaker panel. The protector will sense unnecessary electrical surge and transfer it to the ground. A flashing light will indicate that the device is active and you won’t have to press anything to obtain the protection that you require.

If you are wondering about any space issues, rest assured that the newly installed whole-house surge protector will be just a small box next to the breaker panel. Your surge protector will sense excess electrical surge and forward it to the ground. A light flash will indicate that your device is active and you won’t need to press anything to receive protection.

We pride in offering services backed-up by skilled and fully licensed electricians and installation professionals. We don’t waste any time and reach your property fast, once you give us a call.

Request A Quote for Whole House Surge Protector Installation Services

We have been helping homeowners in Orange County and nearby areas for 30+ years and counting but we managed to keep our fees low without sacrificing the quality of our services. Leone Electric will be more than glad to help you pick the right dimensions and surge protector type to fit the needs of your property.

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