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Orange County Lighting Retrofits

Orange County Lighting Retrofits



About our Orange County Lighting retrofits….


Is it possible to trim down your energy expenditure fast and efficiently? The answer is a definite YES.  One very efficient way to achieve this is by hiring experts like us to perform lighting retrofit upgrades!


Your energy savings can cover the initial cost of your lighting retrofits and you’ll be glad that you’ve made such an investment. More specifically lighting retrofits account to 50-60% of ROI (energy savings) with return of your investment is as little as 24 months!!


A lighting retrofit basically is the procedure of switching parts of your electrical system and replacing them with other parts that are more cost-efficient. A lighting retrofit essentially trims down the energy expenditure of your entire system. If you don’t want to simply pay for the equipment, lighting retrofits can yield a real return of your investment.


The catch about lighting retrofits is that they can be placed with minimal down payment and their cost paybacks are seen really fast.


Orange County Commercial Lighting retrofits….

If you own a building, lighting retrofits can trim down the energy usage by as much as 40%!  By choosing us to upgrade your building’s lighting system, you will receive all the following perks:


  • Significant reduction in energy expenditure
  • Raised employee productivity
  • Enhanced lighting levels
  • HVAC savings
  • Reduction of liability
  • Decreased maintenance expenses
  • Reduced environmental footprint
  • Higher levels of safety
  • Higher quality lighting


Now, you may be wondering who or what is a good candidate for such services?

If you own any of the following buildings/facilities:


  • Factory/ies
  • Production units
  • Large business offices and spaces (50+ people)
  • Logistic spaces
  • Small or medium-sized industrial facilities


Then you will surely benefit by expert lighting retrofits…


How does this work? In order to control energy expenditure there are two main options: decrease the wattage levels or decrease the activity hours. The input wattage can be specifically decreased by the replacement of lamps and ballasts with more energy-effective alternatives. This can be done by taking off the ballasts and lamps altogether. Now, regarding the second option which is the reduction of activity hours, this can be used using more advanced methods.


Leone Electric, with the aim to offer its clients premium quality and cost-efficiency has therefore teamed up with many lighting producers to make this possible. Don’t hesitate to call our team for a free energy analysis and how our orange county lighting retrofits can help you start saving money for good.



At Leone Electric, we take pride in offering premium quality lighting retrofits that really yield a positive ROI fast. We have been in this business for more than 30 years and we know how to make your building more energy efficient so you can enjoy decreased energy costs. If you own a small or big building, this procedure is definitely recommended.


The quality of your lighting services will be upgraded while your utility costs are trimmed down. By hiring us, you are really making a smart investment for your building.


As we know each building and system has its own requirements and peculiarities, we can visit your space and give you an initial scope of your work without any obligation on your part. Feel free to contact us for more info or availability through our phone or online contact form. Energy-efficient Orange County Lighting Retrofits are only a phone call away!