Leone Electric Inspections and Code Corrections in Orange County

Electric Inspections and Code Corrections in Orange County

Electric Inspections and Code Corrections in Orange County

Leone Electric Inspections and Code Corrections in Orange County


Both yours and your family’s  safety are paramount when it comes to electrical systems. Afterall, daily activities such as getting ready for work or preparing the kids for school involve some kind of electrical task. Charging your mobile devices and appliances also involves electricity. Not to mention that the key internal wiring system of your property to turn on the lights, set your garage in motion or just provide a bright ambiance depends on solid electricity.


Considering how many times throughout the day and night you and you family switch on/off the lights, plug-in and charge devices or turn on appliances, you need to make sure at all times that your house’s electrical system is safe and solid enough to avoid any risk of fire bursting out or electro-shock or any other serious hazard that would put you and your family at risk.


Electricians in Orange County Specializing in Electrical Inspections


For all property owners in Orange county and nearby areas, Leone Electric is capable of easing all your worries when it comes to the safety of your electrical systems. Our qualified team of expert technicians and electrical inspectors have all that it takes to make sure that your property is operating at its maximum efficiency and safety level. Note that we adhere to National Electric Code standards and we are able to pinpoint errors that violate these codes and standards.


Leone Electric carries out electrical inspections throughout the entire Orange county area as well as nearby areas such as Artesia, La Mirada, La Palma, Cypress, Cerritos, Fullerton, Costa Mesa and Garden grove among others.


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Electrical Wiring Inspections in Orange County, California

New homeowners as well as business owners will find the process of connecting new wires safely and efficiently quite challenging. It’s critical for your safety to hire real and qualified experts to ensure that no costly and dangerous mistakes pop up at random times. A qualified and state-registered electrical inspector will also comply with the state;s standards and guidelines regarding wiring inspections. New wiring connection permits demand electrical code checks as a part of the procedure. We at Leone Electric have all that it is necessary to ensure that your wiring passes all tests from scratch till the end.


Electrical Code Corrections

All the shifts in home energetic demands, voltage requirements and expanded technology require up-to-date and solid-working codes to cater to all these electrical needs and protect your home from potential electrical hazards. If you aren’t sure whether your property’s codes are up-to-date and safe for today’s standards, don’t hesitate to call Leone Electric and schedule an inspection.


Our technicians are fully aware and educated in all new property code standards and can modify the wiring connections in your business or home based on the latest guidelines without charging you a small fortune. This applies to both new wiring systems and systems that have been working for some time as both of these need to be checked for safety reasons. You can rely on us for all your property’s code inspections.


Typical electrical code corrections that we are capable of fixing include:


  • Wiring errors
  • Faulty or damaged switches
  • Missing outlet covers and switch covers
  • Wire overcrowding
  • Open junction boxes
  • Damaged breaker panels
  • Combining low voltage and line wires together
  • Light fixtures set-up without a junction box


And others…




In case you notice any errors or lapses in your property’s electrical system such was faulty wires or outlets that do not work all the time or even damaged breakers and fuses, you can  reach out to Leone Electric. Electrical code inspections are a must and a smart investment for the safety and efficiency of your systems. Updated wiring makes also a great investment money and time-wise as it saves you from trouble in the future. Call Leone Electric for direct property check-ups or code inspections in your home or business property NOW!.