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Finding a good North Orange County electrician is time consuming, furthermore, self-proclaimed electricians seldom have the necessary skills to provide all the electrical repair and maintenance your home or office needs. Leone Electrical company have the best Electricians in North Orange County, which makes us among the best Electrical installation companies that provides a variety of electrical services such as tenant improvement, retrofits, renovations, service іnѕtаllаtіоnѕ, new соnѕtruсtіоn, еxtеrіоr, іntеrіоr аnd lаndѕсаре lіghtіng.

Our Electricians in North Orange County are licensed and certified. Through our years of experience, we have managed to be one of Southern California’s best electrical service providers. We are members of both BBB (Better Business Bureau) and the Los Alamitos Area Chamber of Commerce.

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Leone Electric Services.

Being the best Electricians in North Orange County, we receive huge amount of calls on daily basis. The callers often ask for services that are not offered anywhere near Southern California. These services include lightning control and the installation of Recessed light. That is why we make sure to offer any type of electricity services. Here are few of them:

Leone Elесtrісаl Rераіr Sеrvісе

Our Electricians in North Orange County can repair electricity systems on both your residential and commercial properties. If you ever find yourself suffering with broken motors and circuit breaks, we are the ones to call.

Because we understand the importance of urgency for companies and factories, we make sure to dispatch our closest units to your location as fast as possible. We can tend to the reparation and installation of all matters related to machines and lighting.

Lightning Control

Is the lightning of your property too strong or too low? Do you get high bills even though you don’t use much electricity? There could be a problem with your electricity control and we can help you with that.

Most of the calls we receive are from people who would like to adjust the lightning of their property in gain control over their energy efficiency and power conservation. In order to address this, our Electricians in North Orange County resort to using auto light dimmers for both residential and commercial uses.

We listen to our customers, understand their needs and suggest the best solutions for them. When it comes to light control, we can install automatic lightning systems that are equipped with sensors. These sensors can switch the light off or on the moment you step inside or outside a room. These are the best solution to control lightning.

Aside from this, we also have several others options that will allow you to control lightning. Our Leone Electricians in North Orange County will assess the situation and recommend the best course of action.

Recessed lights (Can Lights)

Recessed lights are a particularly aesthetic and practical solution because they disappear into the ceiling and do not clutter your space. They can be used as much for residential lighting as well as commercial lighting. The recessed light can be used in any room of the house and can even be installed outdoors. You just need to know what type of lighting you want in your room. Our professionals will help you with that too.

Office Lights

Lighting at work plays a crucial role in productivity and comfort. Too weak or too bright light often causes headaches and can sometimes even disrupt the biological rhythm of your body of that of your employees, you can suffer from fatigue and have problems concentrating. Poor lighting also increases the risk of errors and accidents. Lighting that avoids all these problems consists of a solution that skillfully mixes direct and indirect light. Office lightning is a complex subject but Leone Electricians in North Orange County have the skills and experience required to provide your property with proper lightning.

Backyard Light.

Thanks to our Café lightning, we can illuminate your backyard so you and your family can get the most out of it. Our professionals can decorate your backyard with lightning in a way that will tempt you to hold more family dinners and BBQ parties.

We have mounting poles and support cables ready for installation. All you have to do is give Leone Electric call at (562) 795-5754 or (714) 894-3755 and we will send our best North Orange County electrician to tend to all your needs.