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Electric Upgrades for Your Orange County Home

If you live in a historic CA home, you may notice that it is not fit for the demands of today’s technology due to being built decades ago.  Your electrical needs may override your power system’s capabilities. Some issues that could impact your everyday living are poor lighting conditions, inconvenient placement of outlets, frequently blown circuitry.  Fortunately, Leone Electric’s licensed electrical professionals can evaluate and upgrade the wiring in your home.

Here are various ways to update your home’s electrical system:

  • Energy-efficient LED lighting. Simply switching from incandescent to LED lighting can provide you with 75{019fbf235fefadebd6ea728c900c65809084b56f7e6b6252e6e6a7de1b1866d2} less energy usage in the 1 upgrade alone which will also last 25 times longer.


  • Upgraded circuit breakers. If you are always finding that when you go to plug in a small appliance that your circuit breakers are tripping annoyingly, it could be time for an electrical upgrade.  Leone Electric can provide an upgrade on your power which will optimize your homes electrical system safety and fix wiring to keep up with the increasing power demands.


  • Adding outlets & receptacles. Older Orange County homes have just one or two outlets in each room—but outlet placement shouldn’t dictate furniture layout or home decor. Leone home electrical upgrades are inclusive of  increased number of GFCI receptacles.