Orange County Electrical Services

Orange County Electrical Services

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Orange County Electrical Services

At Leone Electric, Inc. we’ve been working for more than three decades offering Orange County electrical services with unparalleled skill and at unbeatable prices. Our highly trained employees can do it all and can work with every piece of equipment; from rectifiers to transformers and beyond we’re always looking for new clients be they residential, commercial, or something else.

Here’s just a handful of pieces of equipment that our electrical services cover, and we’re happy to offer a free quote for work on installing, repairing or otherwise working on these devices:

  • Sub-panels: These can often be among the most pieces of equipment in a building, and that’s why it’s important to only let the experts near them. Sub-panels are essentially circuit breakers for a particular part of a building, and you’ll need to make changes here whenever you want to make a large change like a room addition or renovation.


  • Rectifiers: These are used whenever you need to convent an alternating current within a property that can change directions to a direct current that travels in a single direction. We’re experts at both installing and repairing rectifiers, whatever your need might be.


  • Phase generators: Vital for ensuring continuous electrical supply, phase generators are near the top of the list of pieces of electrical equipment that you want to keep in first-rate condition. We use only the highest quality material on the market and install to our top-tier standards, so you know when working with us you’ll only get the best of this item.


  • Inverters: Think of these as the opposite to a rectifier; they work by changing a direct current that only goes in one direction to an alternating current that can travel in either direction. Whenever you’re embarking on an electrical product at your building, you need to know how to handle these devices, and that’s the work we’ll do on your behalf.


  • Surge arresters: Everyone knows that a power surge is a bad thing, and it can cause your electrical items to temporarily fail, die completely, or even start a fire. Naturally we want to help you prevent that from happening, so our team will work with you on installing surge arresters that will prevent an over-supply of voltage to any device. We pride ourselves on ensuring that our customers feel safe in their own buildings.


  • Transformers: Crucial pieces of equipment that transfer electricity from one circuit to another, you’ll find this in every home, business or other building. We can walk you through the basics of transformers while working to install them on your property, or if you’re having problems with an already installed transformer we can also fix that.

We’ve got more than 5,000 satisfied customers, and we’d love to work with you on whatever your electrical project might be. There’s no project too large or small for us, and our team will make itself available to you 24/7 for the electrical services that you need. Get in touch with us today and we can provide you a free, no-obligation quote in a matter of minutes.